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Mrs Peacelyn L

Digital Art Begginer

MS Paint





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Mrs Peacelyn has been a very keen and quick learner in her classes and her work after has been prompt and creative. She has been resilient in all adversaries and learnt the art of digital art and how to use it.

March 22, 2023 Night scenery
Birds in the moon light
Ireland July 12
Star Illusion Sept.28, 2022
Thunderstrom and lightning 2nd
Objects and design Aug.24
Aurora Night Sept. 14, 2022
Practice Aug.24
Star Illusion in Red
Test -November 9,2022
Island night view July 20
Diwali in Castle October19
Happy Halloween Oct. 5,2022 part 1 (1)
Women's day flyer Mar.14, 2023
Valentine's Day Feb.14, 2023
women's day profile
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