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Mr Amir has shown a lot of intent and positive

attitude towards developing his digital artistic

skills. We are very impressed by his creations

and co creations.

We wish to be further impressed by his art.

Above the Clouds

what inspires Amir?


About  Amirthalingam.

Murugesu Amirthalingam is from Nallur Jaffna.

He Completed his Early education in Parameshawara College Thirunelvely, Jaffna.


He is an Electronic Engineer educated in England Currently living in Coral Springs Florida USA for 38 years. he worked as senior design engineer for Eaton corporation in Florida since 1991. He is Happily Married to Sakuntala and has a son and a daughter. He keeps himself fit by walking 4 miles every day and goes to the gym 3 times a week.



"I am a sportsman. Played Cricket, Soccer and participated in athletics during my time in Paremeshawara college. I continued playing cricket in England for my company. I did not have an opportunity to play cricket in USA. Before the TV I used to listen to international cricket commentary in Sri Lanka. 

I watch all the sports on TV. I love American football, Cricket, Baseball Tennis and Soccer. I spent lot of time watching sports."


His favorite song!

Tamil Song- Malartham Malaradha, 

Song by T.m. Soundararajan, P. Susheela

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